Sourcing Locally

We are committed to shortening the distance from farm to table in our kitchen and PRU’s dining room. We also work alongside Phuket’s thriving culinary community, collectively pursuing sustainable and innovative approaches to food.

To date, we source our ingredients throughout Thailand, with the majority coming from Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi. We will continue to develop Pru Jampa farm’s capacity to realise a day when our farm will fully supply our kitchen.

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The yogurt from this small shop in Thalang offers fresh milk from cows in Krabi, made without any added sugars and as pure as yoghurt should be.


We make our own goat cheese using the fresh milk from the goats at our neighbour’s farm. He too is a strong believer in the farm-to-table movement and works towards a 100% self-sustainable farm, which is also an institute for goat farming.


On the picturesque jungle road leading to Pru Jumpa we discovered an organic pineapple farm where we source succulent, fresh pineapples for use in our pineapple dessert.


Just 15 minutes north of PRU is this beautiful, expansive piece of land owned by a lovely local lady who raises 100% free range chicken.

The pine needles used in our pineapple dessert are foraged here in Layan as well as right next to Pru Jumpa. Read our PRU Stories to find out how our pine needle cake came to be.

Pru Jampa is our working farm that is adapting and evolving to meet our farm to table vision. We farm organically & sustainably and source most of our herbs, vegetables, eggs and fruits from here.

Nestled in the west coast of the UNESCO world-heritage site Phang Nga Bay is a seaweed farm growing a handful of different seaweed species that are rarely found in other parts of Thailand. We use seaweed in various ways, such as to marinate our Yellow Tail Hamachi overnight in order to intensify its flavour.

At the foot of the famed Sarasin bridge in the very Northern part of Phuket is a local fishing community that provides some of the rarest and most delicious seafood available on the island. The deep sea crab is one of our favourites as it has a slightly sweet taste. We also hand-pick the most beautiful male lobster from this special place. The black crab is sourced from the muddy lakes of Phang Nga Bay, and ideally caught during a full moon as told by the local fishermen who believe that the crabs have an unusually tender texture and abundance of fresh meat during this time of the month.


The Andaman region is our playground. We discover edible flowers along the tracks near Trisara, we climb Cajiput trees to collect paper bark in Phuket Town, and we head into the jungle to forage indigenous herbs and spices all over the island.


The lush jungle of Trisara provides us with fresh bananas and coconuts year-round.

This place grows baby abalone to then release them across the South of Thailand in order to maintain a high level of abalone in our region. When fully grown the abalone are brought back to Phuket for us to collect. Abalone feed on sea grapes which is a kind of sea weed caviar and another ingredient used in our menu. Crispy on the outside and liquid on the inside, sea grapes make for a surprising and refreshing addition to some of our signature dishes.

The local market in Phuket town offers an abundance of seasonal fruit. We visit in the early morning hours to get the best pick of fresh mangos, tangerines, and more.


Every morning, a local fisherman returns from his overnight trip to the open waters of the Andaman Sea and brings back fresh Red Mullet, Mackerel, Asian Sea Bass, Cobia, Torpedo Scat and Tiger Prawns. In the early hours, we meet him at the Phuket harbour just outside of town and return to PRU with the most amazing wild seafood.

Some of the vegetables we don’t grow at Pru Jumpa just yet are sourced from the fresh vegetable market in Phuket town where we find crisp kale, long beans, cucumber and celery.