Our Farm

Our farm “Pru Jampa” is situated in a beautiful pocket of northeastern Phuket, where the sea air mingles with lakes, woods and rolling hillsides. In 2015, Trisara’s chefs and gardeners converted approximately 16,000 sq meters of the open space into a culinary garden, cultivating vegetables, herbs and flowers for use in our kitchen.

Today Pru Jampa is a working farm that is adapting and evolving to meet our farm to table vision. We farm organically and sustainably, borrowing from the island’s traditional practices and pairing it with modern techniques. Our kitchen scraps make it back to the farm, where they are turned into nutrient-rich compost, and, we use red worms to keep our compost robust and our garden beds aerated and healthy. Our happy free-range chickens peck and scratch nearby, while goats dart about, stopping only for milking.

Elegant lotus blossoms and lanky flowering reeds fan the shores of the farm’s fresh water ponds, endowing our meals with lively and unexpected garnishes.

Most of Pru Jampa’s 600 rai farmstead remains wild, ideal for foraging and exploring. It is here, on these natural trails, that our team’s imagination runs wild, dreaming up the compelling stories we tell through
our food.

Pru Jampa inspires us to use the land wisely, respectfully and efficiently. We look to the local farmers in our community for the skills to cultivate the best produce. We turn to our creative impulses to experiment, to innovate — and, to take the road less traveled on the journey to a great meal.