Driftwood & Details

The experience of preparing a meal takes shape in many ways. From where we collect the ingredients to how we plate and present — it is all part of the craft. Simplicity, beauty and creativity guide us. And, some- times we get a little unexpected help from nature.

PRU’s dining room sits among Trisara’s terraced villas and residences, overlooking the Andaman Sea. Each day the sea brings a new vision, at times tranquil and serene, other times loud and crashing. During the monsoons, the sea is particularly dramatic with its dark, churning waters and frothy waves.

The early days of summer bring onshore breezes and waves, and with this ocean driftwood logs are often deposited on Trisara’s shoreline and beaches. These large driftwood logs are smooth and lustrous from

months spent in the warm tropical sea.

We haul the logs back to our workshop, slicing, sanding and polishing by hand, finally boiling the driftwood ‘plates’ in salt water. These gifts from the sea are used as plates on our table settings, enhancing the vison of PRU.

These driftwood plates remind us to keep a lookout, to adapt, innovate and make use of everything nature provides — very much like the way we approach our cooking.

~PRU Culinary Team