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Driftwood & Details The experience of preparing a meal takes shape in many ways. From where we collect the ingredients to how we plate and present — it is all part of the craft. Simplicity, beauty and creativity guide us. And, some- times we get a little unexpected help from nature.

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Humility & Carrots

opcje binarne wykresy _wiecowe Vegetables are often an afterthought, cast as a bit player, a side-dish on the culinary stage. Most of us pluck and choose the most tender parts of the vegetable, tossing the rest aside. For us, this becomes a challenge! How to use the entire vegetable – and make it the star of the show? Take


How Chef Jimmy’s Pine Needle Cake Came to Be

50 erste dates kostenlos gucken “Hiking the forest trails around Pru Jampa farm reminds me a little of growing up in Holland. It’s not the same landscape, but the same feeling. A scent of fresh earth, a slight tinge of decay and rebirth, a taste of sea salt in the air. When I forage, I look at the grass, branches,